Iron bacteria are a bacterium that actually eats or ingests iron. After it eats this iron it then looks for a corner or other place, such as mineral beds in backwashing filters, to grow and colonize into a virtual bacteria community. We find that it grows really fast in carbon tanks and carbon filters. Iron Bacteria in Water

Carbon in our opinion is the number one breeding ground for bacteria. That is why we do not recommend using carbon on private wells that are not chlorinated. And even on chlorinated well water it is not a good idea as the carbon must be replaced on a regular basis. Some companies sell carbon tanks simply to add expensive ongoing service calls to make money. There are better backwashing filters on well water that not only remove contaminants such as iron, sulfur and manganese; but they also remove chlorine. And you don't have ongoing expensive mineral replacements as you do with carbon. Normally the proper way to treat most applications that involve iron bacteria is to inject a light mixture of water and chlorine (Clorox) into the water line. Then remove the iron, iron bacteria and chlorine with a Terminox™ ISM backwashing filter. There will be no chlorine in the home or septic as the Terminox™ ISM filter takes it back out of the water after treating iron bacteria and iron. Also be wary of companies who tell you that you must have large retention tanks with this application. With our system it is simply chemical feed and Terminox™ ISM. The addition of retention tanks is to kill harmful bacterium such as e-coli and coliform. You do not need retention for iron, sulfur and iron bacteria removal. In fact the needless retention tanks are not only bulky, expensive and take up a lot of space; they actually make the application worse as they require constant ongoing maintenance to drain off excess iron and sediment that collects in the bottom of the tank. If you don't drain them on a regular basis they will just keep building up these contaminants and that will eventually make your equipment fail and create expensive service calls. Of course that is how some companies make a living. Please don't hesitate to give us a quick call for a quick evaluation of your issue. Keep in mind our technicians are not allowed to ask you to buy anything or pressure you in ANY way. They just answer your questions and give you great advice. We are the online leader for water treatment worldwide.